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Tax Accounting Services

Whether you're an individual or business, handling your taxes properly on your own can be tough. Our Framingham tax accountants are committed to getting you through the complexities of ever-changing tax regulations. Offering a range of tax accounting services, at Jason A. Cooper, CPA, LLC, we go above and beyond to maximize your financial opportunities and savings through cooperative efforts.


Our Areas of Expertise

Jason A. Cooper has been working in the accounting field for more than a decade and brings a unique energy and expertise to the following tax areas:
-Tax Preparation: We analyze your tax information expertly find the best ways to maximize deductions and ensure proper forms are filed including  popular forms such as Form 1040, Schedule A, Schedule C, and Schedule D.

-We electronically file (e-file) your tax return.

-Tax Planning: Many clients appreciate our year-round tax planning services to help them make appropriate and optimal businesses decisions in regards to their taxes year-round.

- Estate Planning: Working with other professionals, we help make sure all of your basis are covered. This includes items such as Individual Wills, Insurance, Retirement Plans, and Family Trusts. 

- IRS Notices: Wonder what to do if you receive an IRS Notice? At Jason Cooper, CPA, we understand the language of the Internal Revenue Service which allows us to interpret the notice for you and explain clearly your next steps. We will work with the IRS on your behalf through phone calls and/or sending letters. 

- Business Planning: We make sure your business is capturing as many tax deductions as possible. 
Through all of these sectors, we take every opportunity to stay up-to-date on tax law to ensure full compliance and reduce audit risk. We also understand that personal and business taxes sometimes can intersect such as if you have a family member on your payroll. We'll take the time to get a complete picture of your tax situation before offering advice or filing any documents.

We Help All Year Long

Addressing your taxes isn't something you do only when it comes time to file your return. Looking at your finances throughout the entire year lets you catch problems early and plan better, making interacting with the IRS less of a headache and keeping money in your pocket. We invite you to contact us at any time to get started.

Making Taxes Easy

Our firm believes working on tax-related areas should be as simple and as efficient as possible. To keep you in the driver's seat and take away stress, we've included great tools under our Tax Center tab. Use these resources to check tax due dates, track your refund, download tax forms and more.  
If you're ready to start working with our Framingham tax accountants, please contact us at (781) 235-5678 or use our online form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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