Value Pricing

Our firm charges set fees, also known as "Value Pricing." This means that a fee is agreed upon between yourself and our firm.   Clients appreciate knowing what they will be paying for our services ahead of time avoiding any surprise fees.  This also allows you to receive a more value-added service as you will not be billed for extra time we spend researching a tax issue or helping you with a one-off event. 

Advantages of Value Pricing:

  • You do not feel that you are "on the clock" each time we have a phone call or a face to face meeting
  • We do not charge clients for administrative tasks such as making paper copies
  • We encourage clients to use us as a resource for any tax, accounting, or financial issues
  • You can make a decision ahead of time for the services we will perform before incurring any costs

In special situations there may be reasons to bill hourly and this would be discussed ahead of time with the client.

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